Prototype Introduction: School of tomorrow

A cohesive educational tool that enables youngsters to participate actively in the co-creation of living spaces in their local community.

Prototype description

The current school system is a product of the industrial age. As a consequence, it does not always respond to demands of a changing world and many of the learning and teaching approaches fail to prepare children and young people for the challenges of the 21st century.

The School of Tomorrow prototype encourages schools to introduce alternative learning approaches that inspire children to become active citizens. The main goal of the project is to enable children to engage actively with their local community using practices, methods and tools which are proposed by actors of the civil society and focusing on the idea of commoning. The School of Tomorrow also encourages communities to involve children and young people in community projects to make them active contributors to the collective memory of their community or city. By opening schools towards communities, educational resources and community resources can be linked and more effectively used to work on solutions for local challenges in an increasingly global world.

Aims of the prototype

• to collect and evaluate innovative tools, practices and methods which enable youngsters to participate actively in the co-creation of living spaces in their local community;
• to develop a cohesive educational prototype based on the idea of commoning that can be adapted to different local and cultural contexts and thus could also be considered an alternative learning tool at the European level;
• to design an online tool to collect best practices and methods, provide teaching and learning concepts and include teacher training materials.

Target Group

The target group are youngsters, aged 5-15 years, school teachers and other stakeholders in education but also local communities and actors of civil society


Lilian Jüchtern, European Forum for Freedom in Education (EFFE)
Pavlina Petrova, Vibrant Village Foundation
Ed Santman, Changes & Chances
Ildikó Simon, Cromo Foundation
Angeliki Tseliou, Kalliga Square Citizens Association
Mateja Softić, Institute Iskriva

Budget: 2.880€

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