"Everything is worth it if the soul is not too small"
"Everything is worth it if the soul is not too small"

Community of Practice in Berlin

Practicing Regenerative Cultures

CLab Community of Practice

The CitizensLab has initiated in 2023 a Berlin base “Regenerative Cultures Community of Practice (CoP)” that is aiming at creating peer-learning exchange among people (facilitators, activists, artists, change-makers, social innovators, ..) dedicated to bringing regenerative approaches in social transformation processes.

For us regenerative cultures are ways of living and working that acknowledge and center how we relate to the land, to one-another, and to our bodies. This relational approach is core to how we pracitce our respons-ability, how we activate our collective agency and power, our creativity and radical imaginations to build just, resilient communties.

Within the CoP we wish to learn, unlearn, transform, process and heal from the systems of oppression that are deeply embedded into our cultures and bodies and that manifests in the ways we organize ourselves, our collectives and communities. We wish to build and practice antiracist, anticapitalist and intersectionally aware ways of being together, of relating and organising. Exploring how a culture of care, commoning and kinship can nourish such values.

The questions that are moving in and between us revolve around the core action-research of the CitizensLab:

Living Systems Worldviews – Embracing the complexity and interdependence of life, recognizing that our actions ripple through the web of existence.

Power Dynamics – Engaging with power not as a tool of oppression but as a potential force for equity and justice.

Decolonial Thinking – Committing to unravel the tightly wound threads of colonial impact on our minds and societies, crafting spaces for multiple truths and forms of wisdoms.

Care and Kinship – Extending the definition of family and care to encompass all relations, acknowledging that our well-being is deeply interwoven with the well-being of others.

Intersectionality – Understanding that our experiences of identity and oppression are not isolated but interconnected and that healing and solutions must be as well.


We organize ourselves as a living organism, adaptable and responsive. Our structure is non-hierarchical, promoting autonomy and collaboration, enabling each individual to bring their strengths to the collective effort. We meet, we plan, we act—and through this cycle, we refine our practice, always grounded in our shared values and the principles of participatory, horizontal leaderships.

This is a monthly in-person community event that takes place at Imago Space in Kreuzberg or in our local parks during the warmer seasons.
During our sessions, we learn from each other and experiment activating our multiple intelligences using creative practices such as body-movement and somatics, voice and breathing, theatre and performing, collective reading, cooking together, and creative writing. Together we engage in a process of collective learning and deepening our regenerative competencies that we wish to bring into the communities, activists and societal transformation processes.

The intention is to deepen our competences as facilitators, space holders, cultural disruptors and activists to then bring these practices and learnings into other spaces in Berlin.

At the moment, the Collective Care Berlin group has emerged and its offering Monthly Community Care Workshops in different cultural spaces in Berlin that focus on tending to our bodies and deepening the interpersonal connections within the Free Palestine movement.

Connection to Ulex Learning Center and Living Wholness Institute

The Community of Practice is also a collaboration between CitizensLab e.V. with the Ulex Project in Spain and the Living Wholness Insitute in the Mount Pelion, Greece.

Ulex provides high-quality training for activists, change-makers, and organizations to enhance the effectiveness of social movements.
The LWI supports and creates experiential learning journey for profound personal and collective transformation processes.

Members of the Community of Practice will have the possibility to participate to one of the trainings provided either by Ulex in Spain or to a self-organised training with the Living Wholness Institute in Greece.

All costs are covered as part of an Erasmus Plus project.

Training List:

Connection to Nature
Transformative Collaboration
Organising with Front Line Communities
Regenerative Activism
Active Solidarity and Empowerment
Conflict Resolution
Creative Tools for Social Change
Deep Transformation through Regenerative Practices and Connection to the Land
Active Solidarity and Intersectional Organising
Participatory Facilitation


Our Community of Practice is designed for individuals engaged in social struggles—activists, community organizers, artists, facilitators, disruptors and change-makers—who are working towards social justice and ecological sustainability.

We wish to invite new members to the CoP that resonate with our inquiries and practices and are willing to commit to this collective process and can join the monthly sessions. We are looking for people who are interested and willing to join with curiosity and openness to learn in community as well as to join the Ulex training.

The vision is that we are slowly growing a Berlin based ecosystem of Regenerative Cultures practitioners who are part of the CitizensLab and wish to co-create possible collaborations, workshops, actions, and initiatives.

If you are interested in joining our CoP please fill in this FORM until June 21st 2024!

There will be an onboarding session after the summer 2024.

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