Photo credit: Alexis Papageorgiou
Photo credit: Alexis Papageorgiou

Enriching Communities through Engaged Mobilities

Learning through Engagement Lab

Meeting for collaborations!
Community organizations, Students and Universities

ECEM – Enriching Communities through Engaged Mobilities – Consortium, invite you to be part of an insightful journey in the “Learning through Engagement Lab” where we will delve into the potential of stronger collaborations between community organizations, students, and Universities to address local needs.

Together, we will explore transformative and innovative solutions to societal challenges through co-creation in the framework of Community-engagement learning programs for international students, fostering meaningful connections, civic engagement, and social responsibility.

We invite you to join us at the Lab and be part of this dynamic exploration. Together, let’s uncover the possibilities, create meaningful connections, and pave the way for transformative change in our communities.

What is the potential if community organizations and Universities worked and collaborated more actively together to meet local needs?

Date:  5th -7th October 2023

Location: Berlin

For whom: 30 participants from across Europe

Are you developing Community-engagement and service-learning formats?

Working on projects with challenge-based learning?

Or Around community-based and participatory research?

Join our Lab and register until 06.08.2023!

Community-engagement learning

Community-engagement learning has emerged as a powerful educational approach that fosters meaningful connections between students and their host communities while promoting civic engagement, cultural exchange, and social responsibility. Through this Lab, we will delve into the benefits and challenges of implementing community-engagement learning programs tailored specifically to the needs and aspirations of international students.

Lab Approach

During the Lab, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in thought-provoking conversations on the potential role of service-learning in higher education and community engagement.
  • Share experiences, best practices, and innovative ideas in fostering community engagement for international students.
  • Network with active members of civil society organizations, community leaders, representatives of higher education, universities, and fellow students.
  • Learn from case studies and visit Berlin-based service-learning projects
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership to collectively enhance community engagement through service-learning initiatives.

Lab approach: your active participation and sharing of experiences, learnings, approaches, and challenges will play a crucial role in collectively co-creating and envisioning potential scenarios, recommendations, and actions to be taken. Our approach is designed to create an environment of deep listening, sharing, and reflection, enabling us to explore the complexity of the challenges we face while harnessing the collective intelligence and expertise of the group.

How to participate:

The ECEM consortium will select 30 participants in order to create a diverse group of practitioners from across Europe, who are active in civil society, Higher Education Institutions, and Students Organisations. Experience in service-learning and multi-sectoral collaborations is an asset but it is not mandatory to apply.

Register until 6.08.2023!

ECEM team will send a confirmation to the selected participants around 21 August 2023. Selected participants will then have up to 2 weeks (until 4 September 2023) to book their travels and accommodation in Berlin and send all documents as confirmation of their attendance.

Costs: ECEM project will cover up to 550€ for the travel costs and accommodation for participants from outside of Germany and up to 400€ for participants based in Germany. One meal per day will be provided during the programme.
Participants will have to fill in a reimbursement form and keep all invoices and boarding passes.

Register until 6.08.2023!


The “Learning through Engagement Lab” will take place in Berlin, 5-7 October 2023

DAY 1 – Thursday 5.10.2023
[3.30 pm-8.30 pm]
Arriving and getting to know each other
Afternoon session + Study Visit
– Joint Dinner –

DAY 2 – Friday 6.10.2023
[9.30 am-5.30 pm]
Challenges, needs, and potentials
Morning session
– Joint lunch-
Afternoon session
Free evening

DAY 3 – Saturday 7.10.2023
[9.30 am-2 pm]
Next actions and the way forward
Morning Session
– Joint lunch-

Meet the facilitators:  Alice Priori, Julia Hoffman and Inna Chilik.

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