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Art of Hosting Training in Berlin

AoH Training March 31st - April 1st - April 2nd 2023 at BUM Berlin

Through the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Meaningful Conversations, we wish to invite a deep learning and reflective space where together we can explore a world view of connectivity as living systems, mental models that enable us to create through complexity and designing processes that invite full participation that lead to harvesting new collective intelligence and wise action.

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CLab and Ulex Project

Facilitating regenerative cultures for social transformation

A series of training programmes in a Spanish mountain educational center and a Community of Practice in Berlin.

CLab has teamed up with the ULex training centre in Spain!
This collaboration allows us to offer 18 places on EU funded training programmes throughout 2023 to our wider network.

The training topics range from regenerative activism, over transformative collaboration to intersectional organising.

We are seizing this opportunity to invite all participants to become part of a Berlin based Community of Practice – a space to share the learnings from the trainings and explore a common action research question:

How can we co-create regenerative cultures that nurture mutual care and kinship to ground our social change work in?

Who is this for?

Movement builders, social change agents, BIPOC facilitators, artists and anyone who is interested in becoming part of a Berlin based Community of Practice, researching how to facilitate regenerative cultures for social transformation.

You can find out more details about the programmes and apply by December 5th 2022 via this form.

Call to the training Programme!

CROSS - Erasmus+ Project

CROSS- Citizenship and Recovery of Opportunities for Suburban Space
The aim of the project is to empower young people through processes of regeneration of urban spaces. It´s core scope is to bring a change of perspective on the topic of citizens participation and decision-making, both as regards to the activities that will involve the young people and in the reinterpretation of neighborhoods as living spaces where to rebuild the collective bonds and the skills to take care of the community.
In the project, 5 partners from 5 member states of the European Union will work together for 2 years. They come from Spain, Italy, Romania, Portugal and Germany and they are vocational training non-governmental organisations, associations and social enterprises.
The project will run from February 2022 to February 2024.

ECEM - Eramsus+ Project

The Enriching Communities through Engaged Mobilities (ECEM) project wants to further develop the connections between civic engagement, internationalization, and inclusion. Ensuring active citizenship and participation in society is understood as a key element in the process of making mobilities more inclusive and societies more integrated. Ensuring a sense of belonging through actively participating in society, enforces inclusive and integrated societies at the European level.

CLab Learning Journey 2021 - 2022


CitizensLab Learning Journey
CitizensLab Learning Journey

We hosted a seasonal online epxeriential learning space where we firstly cultivated ourselves and our own personal transformations so that we can enter into a collective inquiry about co-creating the commons of democracy that lead to the radical changes of governance we wish to see.

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