CROSS - Citizenship and Recovery of Opportunities for Suburban Space

Youth empowerment through regenerative practices and regeneration of spaces.

CROSS- Citizenship and Recovery of Opportunities for Suburban Space


The aim of the project is to build knowledge and skills to catalyze energies in caring for the community, through social innovation actions and awakening the self-determination of younger citizens.

The project CROSS is seeking to spread a “regenerative culture” and the regeneration of urban spaces as a proceess to deepen participaiton and active citizenship.

Its main objectives are: to develop opportunities for the population groups less involved in local renewal policies, to increase the involvement of local institutions and stimulate the participation of young people in the territories in order to increase individual and group skills that can be put at the service of the community.

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List of Partners

Arci Livorno_Italy: Thanks to a constant and in-depth analysis of the needs of the territory, Arci has managed to respond to the needs of the territory with services aimed at users with multifactorial problems of discomfort, with strong connotations of marginality and social exclusion and to invest in the resources and capacities of the users themselves and reinvest them in socio-rehabilitative circuits, focusing on autonomy and empowerment.

Linc SCS Onlus_Italy: is a non-profit social cooperative operating in the field of community psychology. With his work Linc aims to explicit and integrate the needs of everyone, searching for a continuous design and scientific insight in their activities. They collaborate to give the community the proper awareness tools and implement integrated rehabilitation in the health care.
Linc in Italian is the acronym for Working Together In the Community, but it also alludes to the English word link and alludes to ties, to collaboration, to the idea that “nobody saves himself alone”.

Form2you_Portugal: is a non-profit Association that aims to empower people, groups, organizations and communities to respond autonomously to the demands and needs of the social inclusion process. It also develops social activities aimed at children, youth, adults and the elderly.

AIFED_Spain:is a local organization that works in the areas of training, culture and employment in Granada, Spain. AIFED participates with other local, regional, national and international agencies in the organization of cultural activities and training for innovation and access to employment. The association develops programs and work activities and support for employment, the development and promotion of volunteer programs, the incorporation of e-learning to education and professional training.

EuropaNet_Romania:The purpose of EuropaNet is to spread knowledge about a healthy lifestyle in Romania.
Their aim is to make every Romanian aware of the importance of health.

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