frankfurt report
frankfurt report

Frankfurt (Oder)/ Slubice Network Meeting Report

A booklet with the most important insights from the third CitizensLab Network Meeting in Frankfurt (Oder)/Slubice.

The MitOst Festival in Frankfurt (Oder)/Slubice was the perfect setting to hold the 3rd CitizensLab Network Meeting with its main purpose to collectively investigate how to enter a transition phase where the CitizensLab is becoming a format within the MitOst Members, Alumni and Network Department. The overall outcome of the 3rd Network Meeting was a greater sense of identity and understanding of what the members of the CitizensLab are co-learning and co-hosting. This created a deeper sense of collective ownership and self-organisation, as well as greater clarity on the value of the CitizensLab. The emerging maturation of the CitizensLab´s members was also evident with the manner in which the existing uncertainty of its future was dealt with collectively so positively and creatively.

If you like to read more and dive into what was happening during the network meeting, read the report!

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