Brussels network meeting report

A booklet with the most important insights from the second CitizensLab Network Meeting in Brussels.

Around 50 active citizens including artists, academics, urban planners, local authority administrators, activists, and more gathered in Brussels from 8-11 March 2017 for the second CitizensLab Network Meeting. They kicked off the meeting by exploring the concept of systemic change as well as how to transform society by experimenting and innovating in labs. After dreaming big and envisioning the future of Europe, the members got down to work to take the first steps to actually achieve this future: they started to co-design [prototypes] for translocal experiments. During a discussion with external guests, such as representatives of the European Parliament and think tanks, CitizensLab members explored what could emerge if civil society and active change-makers are more strategically connected to policymakers in Europe.

To download the report follow the link.

The booklet is accompanied by a graphic report:

To download the report follow the link.

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