Prototype Introduction: Network Navigator

An online mapping system that provides knowledge about successful local and transnational networking models.

Prototype description

From the local to the transnational level, civil society networks in Europe have existed for decades. Yet, many civil society actors, including the CitizensLab members, lack a thorough understanding of the intensity and sustainability of the connections between those networks. At a time in which neoliberals, nationalists and anti-European forces seek to dominate the public discourse and the lives of people the need for local actors to expand their knowledge on networks is crucial to develop effective strategies to join energies and build power on the European level.

The Network Navigator prototype is a collaborative effort to map out who are the local, citizens-led actors of change in Europe and how they are connected through existing networks on the transnational, regional and local level. The main objective of the project is for local actors of change to get an understanding on how we use networks to develop translocal and cross-sectoral collaborations. The prototype will help to build capacities and to better transfer knowledge, it will improve the dialogue with decision-makers and frame influential connections between them.

Aims of the prototype

• to achieve a visual strategic understanding of who we are, how we work to inform our strategy, our theory of change, and how to build our influence on various levels;
• to increase the capacities of the CitizensLab members to use the web of connections and experiences the network possesses, and develop new collaborations or synergies within the CitizenLab or outside the CitizenLab translocally and cross-sectorally;
• to learn how to strategically use networks to connect initiatives, build power and increase the impact of CititzenLab members’ actions.

Target group

The target group is the large network of local actors of change who need to understand the ecosystems they operate in as well as public administration and decision-makers.


David Juarez, straddle3 / Arquitecturas Colectivas
Levente Polyak, Eutropian / Wonderland / KÉK
Louise Armstrong, Peckham Coal Line / Forum for the Future
Martin Pairet, European Alternatives
Chiara Organtini, Indisciplinarte
Maria Chatzopoulou, COMM’ON
Mateja Softić, ISKRIVA
Dmytro Khutkyy, Center for Innovations Development
Ale Gonzalez,

Budget: 4.300€

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