Toulouse meeting report
Toulouse meeting report

Toulouse Citizens Lab Network Meeting

Highlights from the 5th Citizens Lab Network Meeting in Toulouse, France, 1-4 November

Our 5th Network Meeting was graciously hosted by CRICAO, a CLab member organization in Toulouse. The Saint-Cyprien district in Toulouse where CRICAO is active plunged CLab participants into a true cultural, collaborative and inventive ecosystem.

In our most self organized meeting yet, we used the ASSQOT space to exchange experiences, brainstorm Clab’s future, cook together, and share music and dance.

The meeting brought together familiar faces, many of who were involved from CLab’s inception in 2016. Together, we began the process of defining which actions will keep us sustaining and co-funding this Lab into the future.

To learn more about the meeting in Toulouse, check out the report!

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