Mara Klein

Artist, Language teacher and Community-builder

In my photographic work, I'm interested in the small stories that reveal larger systems, touching upon questions of belonging, connection to place and its dwellers, and the cyclical nature of the living world. In my teaching, I've come to understand how beneficial embodiment and emotional connection are to learning. Since 2020, I've developed a learning format that brings together german grammar with weekly explorations of the berlin scene. My newest experiment is a teaching format that uses German language to co-create an exhibition within a group of artists curious to develop their German and their artistic practice. I work in collectives and alone, each with their own energy and potential, and mostly on long-term projects that allow for relationships with people and place.

  1. activism
  2. civic engagement
  3. community arts
  4. education
Initiative Donau. Flussgeschichten. Donauschwäbisches Zentralmuseum, Ulm. Permanent collection
Country Germany
Location Berlin