Alice Priori

Alice is the co-founder and coordinator of the CitizensLab e.V., an organization based in Berlin and working across Europe aiming at achieving deep system change. Alice is an Art of Hosting Meaningful conversations facilitator and practitioner. Alice´s work is at the intersection of activism, societal transformation and experiential learning. She is a freelancer facilitator supporting groups, collectives, art-residencies that want to collectively inquire and act towards the creation of more generative, alive living systems, and specifically around topics such as decolonosing, power dynamics, and the commons. Alice is also active in a self-organised Berlin based political collective, the Berlin Migrant Strikers, where she is practicing creating autonomous spaces of solidarity, collective liberation, counter-information, dialogue, and mutualism.

  1. community management & participation
  2. facilitation
  3. networking
  4. organisational development
  5. civic engagement
  6. self-organisation
  7. activism
Initiative CitizensLab_community facilitator and host
Country Germany
Location Berlin

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