Valentin Schmehl

Performer, dance scholar and cultural activist

I work with the Other Music Academy in Weimar/East-Germany, a new form of social institution with the highest goal being Empowerment. My interdisciplinary and intercultural projects interwave artistic, social and scientific practices and perspectives. Since 2017 I design work settings at the intersection of arts, crafts and social groups. In 2029 Open Pavillon produced the participatory cabaret "Der Neue Mensch" at the Altenburg Castle. In 2020 the participatory festival "Altenburg am Meer" created the swimming project platform "Mary Jane". The project was honoured with Germany's Innovation 3rd Prize for Socioculture.

  1. visual arts
  2. theatre & dance
  3. activism
  4. civic engagement
Initiative Other Music Academy, Open Pavillon, Altenburg am Meer
Country Germany
Location Berlin

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