Nat Skoczylas

Queer activist, artist and organiser

They live collectively in a big community project and an anti-gentrification struggle (h48), where they take part in organising against speculation and towards communalizing the space for generations to come. They are part of Queers Against Landlords (rave collective and activist group), FemAle (queer feminist brewery), new visions (community of womxn, creating spaces for transformative leadership learning and healing for folks from Eastern Europe primarly), Guerrilla Activist Council (shaping the way money can be more radically distribuited to movements) and varius artistic collectives and constellations

  1. activism
  2. community arts
  3. inclusion
  4. self-organisation
Initiative Queers Against Landlords, femAle, New visions, Guerrilla Activist Council
Country Germany
Location Berlin