Mateja Rot

I’m Cultural Researcher and Urbanist, contributing towards open future commons, building powerful smart solutions for urban communities and improving the livelihood in neighborhoods around Europe. I work in the field of social, cultural innovation and collisions of contemporary art, architecture and science. I was selected for MIT GE Bootcamp Brisbane 2017. In July 2017 I completed a month-long Advanced Entrepreneurship program at Stanford University and have established a network of contacts for future collaboration in AI, neuroscientific research, IoT, design thinking and innovation. In September I was selected for Future Innovators Summit at Festival Ars Electronica: Artificial Intelligence - The Other I where I worked in the group of Future Home. I am very interested in peacebuilding actions in urban context.

  1. visual arts
  2. architecture
Initiative Slovene Union of University Women
Country Slovenia
Location Ljubljana

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