Kasia Wojcik

Curator, Dramaturge, Poet

Her main interest lies at the intersection of art and activism. Since 2017, she has been part of IIPM/Mila Rau, where she devised as leading curator the award-winning discourse format School of Resistance (2020-2022), as well as other productions. Furthermore, she is a member of the artist collective Staub zu Glitzer, which enabled the transmedia production B6112 at the Volksbunhe in 2017 and various other activist interventions in urban spaces. She is part of the artist lab Neues Theater (AT), the feminist and decolonial artist network Room to Bloom and the poetry collective Das Ad Hoc. At the moment she is primarly working on the transdisciplinary film, performance and exhibition series Constitution Nomada - Moving Assemblies in Colchane, Santiago de Chile, Athens and Berlin.

  1. activism
  2. civic engagement
  3. community arts
  4. community management & participation
  5. curation
  6. inclusion
  7. public space
  8. urban living & transformation
Initiative Costitution Nomada (https://constitucionnomada.org/), School of Resistence (https://howlround.com/series/school-resistance), Staub zu Glitzer (https://staubzuglitzer.de)
Country Germany
Location Berlin
E-mail k.wojcik@posteo.de