Jekaterina Lavrinec

Jekaterina Lavrinec, PhD, Vilnius-based urban researcher, participatory artist and educator in Urban studies. She is a co-founder of - urban games and research lab that has been launching communities' initiatives in underused urban spaces since 2007. She is the author of a number of modules in Urban Studies, such as 'Creative Communication in Public Spaces', 'Public Spaces: Creativity and Power' and teaches in several BA and MA programs in Lithuanian universities. Since 2010 she has been running practical workshops in cultural revitalisation of public spaces and inclusive development of the neighbourhoods for local communities and practitioners in European cities. She is the organizer of annual forum for urban practitioners and strategic institutions in the Baltic Sea Region, 'Co-urbanism'.

  1. urban living & transformation
  2. community arts
  3. public space
  4. community management & participation
Initiative - urban games & research
Country Lithuania
Location Vilnius

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