Francesco Saija

I'm a PhD in Political Philosophy. Co-founder at Parliament Watch Italia. Our aim is to spread the culture of transparency and openness in local contexts. We are currently experimenting an innovative method to implement civic monitoring on public procurements through Integrity Pacts. If this pilot in Messina (Sicily) functions can show, with scientific evidence, that the structural application of Integrity Pacts can be a very convenient investment for governments in all the contexts were corruption and lack of competences cause huge losses. The investment not only repays itself several time in terms of avoided losses, but also has the "side-effect" to sustain a local ecosystem that can re-establish trust between citizens and governments, raise social capital and produce innovation.

  1. community management & participation
  2. civic engagement
  3. transparency
  4. open source & data
Initiative Parliament Watch Italia
Country Italy
Location Messina

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