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  • Contextualized systemic transformation
    You address a real-life issue/challenge and seek systemic change
  • Diversity & inclusion
    You aActively involve diverse actorspeople affected by the challenges you address
  • Cross-sectoral involvement
    You invite the participation of diverse actors and multiple stakeholders from across sectors
  • Participatory approach
    You adopt a multi-method, participatory approach to foster multiple and collective intelligences
  • Creativity, innovation, and experimentation
    You use creative methods to activate co-creation and develop innovativeinitiate prototypes

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    We would like to know what are you collectively inquiring about in your lab/initiative.

    We would like to know which problems and challenges you are tackling in your Lab/Collective.

    We would like to know who co-designs and co-hosts the process and navigates the complexity of the Lab/Collective. How many people are you? Which expertise do they bring?

    We would like to know which methods, approaches, practice you use in your Lab/Collective.

    We would like to know how you keep track, document, and share the generated knowledge of your Lab/Collective.

    We would like to know if and how do you organise around a community of practice, intentional community, or other?

    We hope that this question will generate mutual support and cross pollination between Labs.

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